From the “How did this get published?” department

Tue, Mar 8, 2011


How this stuff gets printed is beyond me. It’s utter trash, really, and the epitome of lazy journalism. Writing for PC Mag, Will Greenwald comes up with 5 reasons not to buy the iPad 2. Without question, Greenwald devoted zero time to thinking about the iPad 2, as evidenced by his haphazardly assembled list that was presumably put together in 5 minutes.

The list is as follows. We’ll give you the main bullet points and spare you from the detailed explanations.

1. The iPad is as good a media player as the iPad 2

2. The iPad is as good an ebook reader as the iPad 2

3. The iPad can access the same online content as the iPad 2

4. The iPad can output video to an HDTV just like an iPad 2

5. You’ll still be able to use GarageBand on the iPad.

So with this logic, why buy a new TV when it’s just gonna show you the same shows you can already watch on your parents’ black and white box? Hell, why buy a new computer. Hell, how and why in the world is this crap being published.

Yeah, there are some reasons why an iPad 2 upgrade isn’t ideal for everybody, but the above list adds absolutely nothing to that discussion.¬†And check it, reason number 4 is actually a reason to buy the iPad 2 as the device can output video in 1080p while the original only supports 720p output.

Oy, time for a drink.



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