iOS 4.3 set for release today; Personal Hotspot feature at carrier discretion

Tue, Mar 8, 2011


BGR reports that iOS 4.3 is poised for release today while fleshing out some info about how many connected devices the personal hotspot feature will be able to support:

One of our sources has just let us know something pretty interesting. There has been a lot of talk surrounding Apple’s personal hotspot feature, specifically it’s capability of only supporting 3 wireless connections (as opposed to 5 like many other devices). Well, we have been told it’s all left to the carrier to decide. If a carrier requests it, five devices will be supported, but by default, it’s three.

Oh, and we’ve also been told iOS 4.3 will be available for download publicly at 10AM PT today. Fire up iTunes and get your update trigger-finger ready!

Apple’s iOS 4.3 page indicates that personal hotspot will only support up to 3 devices via wi-fi with 2 via USB and Bluetooth. We’ll have a better grasp when/if the iOS update drops later today.



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