3 Degrees of Wikipedia – iPhone app style

Thu, Mar 10, 2011


3 Degrees of Wikipedia is an interesting and original iPhone app premised on finding common links between two different Wikipedia entries in 3 steps or less. Move over 6 degrees of separation, there’s a new sheriff in town. Well, sort of.

The app lets players make their own games – i.e “What’s the link between Michael Jordan and the movie The Breakfast Club” – or play riddles constructed by other players. A demo of the app can be seen below, and while it looks intriguing, the app would be a lot more fun if it was able to find the link and degrees of separation between two Wikipedia entries entered in by a user. Some other features of the app include Facebook and Twitter connectivity for sharing problems with your friends and a list of the most enlightening problems of the week.

The app was developed by Ivan Zhao and can be found on iTunes here.


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