Why movie trailers always appear on Apple’s website

Thu, Mar 10, 2011

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Apple’s movie trailer page is not only a great spot to check out previews for upcoming flicks, but is often the first spot on the web where movie trailers even appear.

But why is that the case?

Tackling the question, former Apple web designer and developer Chad Little – whose first position within Apple was as a Digital Media Specialist – explained the fortuitous events that led to today’s current state of affairs.

The story traces back to the late 90’s when Star Wars Phantom Menace was about to premiere. Looking to rectify a shoddy trailer Lucasfilm had put online, the folks at Apple contacted the Star Wars web team and worked out a deal to post the film’s trailer on Apple’s website via Quicktime. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Check out Little’s entire explanation over at Quora here. It’s worth a read.


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  1. Chad Says:

    *Marked Not for Reproduction.

  2. beatdown Says:

    Cause they are top dogs! thats for sure.

    The Chupacabra game coming soon!
    You have been warned.

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