Thanks to 512 MB of RAM, Safari browsing on the iPad 2 is much improved

Sat, Mar 12, 2011


As expected, teardowns of the iPad 2 confirm that Apple’s new tablet comes with 512 MB of LPDDR2 RAM. The original iPad came with 256 MB of LPDDR1 RAM. One of the immediate improvements users of the iPad 2 will experience as a result is a smoother browsing experience on mobile Safari.

In the video below put together by TiPb, a number website tabs are loaded up on both the iPad 1 and iPad 2. You’ll notice that when hopping around from tab to tab on the original iPad, Safari often has to re-load each visited sited because there’s not enough RAM to save the state into memory. On the iPad 2, however, each tab is saved into memory and does not require a site refresh. Another takeaway is that scrolling on the iPad 2 is noticeably faster than on the iPad 1.



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  1. Patrick Says:

    Thanks. I was in the Austin downtown Apple store Saturday afternoon and played with the iPad 2. I didn’t test Safari, so your comparison was very helpful.

    Please stop sniffling.

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