Phil Schiller confirms white iPhone this Spring, calls it a “beauty”

Sun, Mar 13, 2011


The white iPhone 4 was supposed to launch this past Summer only to be endlessly delayed for reasons that remain unclear. Some reports suggested that Apple was having trouble with color-matching and ensuring a uniform shade across the device while other reports indicated that the white iPhone 4 model allowed too much light to pass through, resulting in washed out photographs.

In any event, reports that Apple finally fixed the problem surfaced a few weeks ago. And, of course, it can only be encouraging that there is, in fact, a what iPad 2 model available for purchase right now. Moreover, Apple table settings recently began indicating that a white iPhone 4 would be available this Spring. But given the incessant delays and rumored abandonment of the white iPhone 4 that we’ve seen to date, it probably isn’t wise to jump to any conclusions.

Of course, when Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller matter-of -factly states via Twitter that a white iPhone exists and will be available this Spring, that’s another story altogether. Schiller didn’t specify if he was referring to a white iPhone 4 or perhaps a white iPhone 5, but we can only imagine he’s talking about the iPhone 4 since he references ‘Spring’ and all iPhone launches thus far have taken place during the Summer.



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