Not everyone’s a fan of the iPad 2 Smart Cover

Mon, Mar 14, 2011


Despite working as advertised, iLounge isn’t entirely impressed with the iPad 2 Smart Cover. Hell, they even have reservations about calling it a “case”, arguing, and rightfully so, that it’s merely a front cover that leaves the top, sides, and bottom of the device exposed to the elements. “Apple has claimed that these are deliberate omissions,” Nick Guy writes for iLounge, “but they dramatically reduce Smart Cover’s value as a protective solution.”

And seeing as the top priority for a cover or case is to protect, iLounge can’t really overlook its protection shortcomings no matter how thin and cool the Smart Cover may otherwise be.

Thanks to its aggressive marketing and first-in-Apple Stores advantage, Apple is going to sell millions of Smart Covers, regardless of the limited value they actually provide. Our C rating for the plastic version acknowledges the undeniably cool magnetic connection and automatic sleep/wake feature, but the lack of more significant protection for the price is a non-starter for us; adding a $30 premium on top of this for unimpressive leather puts the higher-end version into D+ rating territory. There’s no doubt in our minds that companies will implement these same elements in more protective alternatives at better prices. In short, the Smart Cover is a faddish accessory at a high cost—somewhat too high for the plastic, and insultingly so for the leather. This is the sort of product that Apple can sell to its short-term financial benefit, but at the risk of losing long-term respect from many of its users.

You can check out iLounge’s full and brutally honest review over here.


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  1. Jim Hamm Says:

    I don’t see how Apple is “at the risk of losing long-term respect for many of its users” by offering this cover. It is a novel idea, and many will like and use it. Those that don’t want it don’t have to buy it. I don’t see how “respect”, or lack thereof, enters the picture at all. You don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  2. Matt Says:

    So a blog that makes money by advertising for third party case manufacturers does not like an Apple designed and sold product that effects the sales of third party cases? Shocking.

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