Video of the enormous iPad 2 line in New York City

Mon, Mar 14, 2011


People will line up for hours on end for concert tickets, sporting events, and quite uniquely in the realm of tech, Apple products. The iPad 2 launch this Friday afternoon resulted in impressive lines at Apple retail stores around the country, with the line at one Apple Store in San Francisco stretching around a full city block.

The Apple Store on 5th avenue in NYC also generated long lines, and the video below gives us a perspective at as to how popular and how much of a circus Apple product launches have become. The videographer here notes that an hour after this footage was shot, the crowd increased to an impressive 1,200 people.

On a tangential note, note how the line is not solely comprised of techheads and geeky teenagers. What you see above are interested iPad 2 owners that represent various races, religions, ethnicities and who span the spectrum of age as well.



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