Netflix still the top dawg when it comes to movie downloads and streams

Tue, Mar 15, 2011


Apple may own the market when it comes to music downloads, but in the streaming and download video market, Netflix remains the top dog.

In recently released data compiled by the NPD Group, measured between January and February 2011, the research firm found that more than 60% of all streamed videos in the US are via Netflix. Next up is Comcast whose streaming video service comprises 8% of the US market.

Pulling up the rear is Apple with a paltry 4% share, which puts it in a three way tie with DirecTV and Time Warner.

Aside from a larger selection of titles, though iTunes tends to house newer releases at an earlier date, users flocked to Netflix on account of the services “overall shopping experience” and “value for price paid.”

Note, finally, that the data compiled by NPD encompasses both rentals and purchases. That said, Netflix’s popular subscription service remains the main reason behind the company’s impressive showing.



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