Alleged iPhone 5 cases showcases same form factor as the iPhone 4

Wed, Mar 16, 2011

News, Rumors

Promotional images of what purport to be iPhone 5 cases reveal that the next-gen iPhone will come in what appears to be the exact same form factor as the iPhone 4. The photo below, courtesy of Hardmac, comes hot on the heels of alleged iPhone 5 engineering drawings suggesting that the next-gen iPhone will come with a slightly larger screen. While news regarding a larger screen is nothing more than speculation at this point, the case drawings below, if accurate, could still encompass a larger-screen iPhone as Apple would merely make the edge to edge screen larger rather than increasing the overall size of the device.

In any event, the report notes that the case renderings below reveal identical button and SIM card slot placement as the current iPhone 4, along with the same space on the back for a camera and flash.

Hit the break to check out the photo.



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