Enterprise to snatch up 5,000% more tablets in 2011; Apple stands to benefit

Wed, Mar 16, 2011


Most analysts, critics, and even the most optimistic of Apple fanboys couldn’t have predicted the wild success Apple enjoyed with the iPad. With over 15 million units sold in 2010, sales of Apple’s “magical” tablet exceeded even the most bullish of sales expectations.

And in a story that repeats itself time and time again, just as competitors begin churning out tablets to compete with the iPad, Apple goes on ahead and releases the iPad 2. And while movie sequels often never live up to the original, Apple tends to operate under its own script. In case you haven’t heard, iPad 2 demand has been impressive to say the least. Long lines, store sellouts, and 3-4 week wait times for online orders all point to an even more successful year for Apple’s tablet than the company enjoyed in 2010. With its svelte new design, faster internals and dual video cameras, the iPad 2 is an enticing proposition at an affordable price.

With the iPad 2 rollout still underway, market research firm Canalys anticipates that the enterprise in 2011 will purchase 5,000% more tablets in 2011 (1.1 million) than they did in 2010 (20,000). That’s, of course, great news for Apple who still enjoys a commanding lead of tablet marketshare. While Steve Jobs’ 90%+ marketshare figure has been contested/refuted, there’s still no denying that if a tablet is purchased somewhere in America, odds are that it’s an iPad.

via Canalys


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