New report claims iPhone 5 will come with NFC technology

Thu, Mar 17, 2011

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With the dust still settling from the iPad 2 launch, the rumors circulating around the upcoming iPhone 5 remain scarce. While it was largely assumed that the next-gen iPhone would come equipped with NFC technology for electronic payments and such, it was reported earlier this week that Apple was holding off on implementing the technology due to the lack of a unified standard across the industry. Moreover, there’s speculation that Apple is looking to develop its own NFC offering with iTunes integration.

Forbes writer Elizabeth Woyk, however, isn’t so sure that NFC won’t find its way into the iPhone 5.

From what I hear, it is possible the iPhone 5 will include NFC. An entrepreneur who is working on a top-secret NFC product told me today that he believes the iPhone 5 will have NFC and cited a friend who works at Apple as a reliable source for the information.

To further bolster his statement, the entrepreneur said that manufacturers of NFC readers – whom he has been talking to for his own product – also expect the iPhone 5 to have NFC. These manufacturers are gearing up for the additional NFC traffic the iPhone 5 will bring, likely this summer, said the entrepreneur.

Well, this is hearsay so take it for what it’s worth. Besides, it’s no surprise that Apple is working on NFC technology as NFC enabled prototypes have been floating around Cupertino for months now. Moreover, Apple has made a number of NFC hires over the past few years. Clearly, the company has more than a passing interest in the technology but that doesn’t mean it’ll find its way into the iPhone 5.

If the rumors swirling around the iPad 2 are any indication, we shouldn’t take these Apple rumors too seriously. Remember that the iPad 2 had a Retina Display and an SD Card slot and then, poof!, they were gone. At the end of the day, Apple plays its hand very close to its vest, and for all we know, the decision to integrate NFC technology into the iPhone 5 is still the topic of intense debate deep inside the bowels of Apple’s executive offices.

One final point – One of the NFC rumors was sourced from Richard Doherty back in January who claimed that both the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 would come with an NFC chip. Well, the iPad 2 is out on the market – if you can find one – and an NFC chip is nary to be found. So just keep that in mind before getting carried away with the idea of the iPhone 5 doubling as an e-wallet.


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