By country, Switzerland has the highest Mac OS X market share in the world

Fri, Mar 18, 2011


As if we need more proof that the Swiss have an exquisite taste for good design, the Pingdom blog measured visitor data across a sample size of three million websites and found that Switzerland has the highest percentage of Mac users than any other with a 17.61% share. Luxembourg comes in second with a 15.79% share while the US occupies the third slot with a 15.36% share. Countries that just missed the top 10 include the UK, Japan, and France. Interestingly, Nordic countries seem to love their Macs as all five of them (Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) all made the top 20.

Breaking the data down per region, North America has the highest percentage of OS X marketshare at 14.09%. Somewhat surprisingly, South America brings up the rear with 1.08%, behind both Africa and Asia.

Some interesting data for sure, and the charts above help highlight just how much room for growth Apple has in the PC market going forward, particularly in countries within Asia. While some analysts have expressed skepticism that Apple can continue on the astronomical trajectory of growth and profitability it’s enjoyed with the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the Mac, the success of the former products can only help spur sales of the latter.

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  1. Jan Bliddal Says:

    Yes it is quite an achievement made by Apple these last few years and I can see it on the value of the stocks I bought in Apple Back in 2007. Apple has grown from less than 3 percent to 9 or 11 percent depending on how you do your measuring from 2008 until today, that is mindblowing and way beyond what anyone could have expected. Why because despite what the naysayers ares saying builds great products for the price. An increasingly larger numbers of friends and relatives are changing to mac, because they have grown tired of the user unfriendliness of the Windows operating system. Yes I know you have even more choices when choosing a windows based solutions, but for a ever increasing number og people the Mac is the right choice.

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