First music video shot entirely with an iPad 2 – “Need” by Eddy

Mon, Mar 21, 2011


The advent of GarageBand and iMovie will undoubtedly change the minds of those few remaining skeptics who still irrationally cling to the idea that the iPad is solely a content consumption device. Not only is the iPad a content creation device, but its portability is having a profound affect on how content is created in the first place.

Below is the first music video created with an iPad. Shot with four iPad 2s and produced by Remedy Films, the 5-minute video below was stitched together in 12 hours, in addition to the 5 hours it took to film. The song is called “Need” and was written by the band Eddy.

“The crew treated the iPads as professional cameras by attaching one to a steadicam rig, one to a Cineslider and one to a handheld rig,” Kelly Hodgkins writes for TUAW. “The fourth and final iPad was held by the singer herself and makes its cameo appearance in a few parts of the video.”

The final result is impressive for a quick filming/editing job done within a 24-hour time frame. In fact, the entire thing was completed within 20 hours of picking up the iPad 2s last Friday.

via TUAW



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  1. Harold Says:

    Wait a minute. They used 4 iPad 2’s and took 5 hours to “FILM”? What type of film does the iPad use and how do you load it?

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