Jonathan Ive not planning on leaving Apple after all

Mon, Mar 21, 2011


Largely, if not unanimously, considered to be an integral and irreplaceable part of the team that helped rescue Apple from bankruptcy with innovative new products and award winning designs, Apple Senior VP of Industrial Design Jonathan (Jony) Ive is undoubtedly one of Apple’s most valuable employees.

So when word broke out a month ago that the famed Apple designer was contemplating a move back to England – which would effectively end his working relationship with Apple – the Apple faithful were rightfully wary. For as much as Apple flaunts its expertise in the realm of software design, stunning yet tasteful hardware design is equally as important a piece of the puzzle.

At the time, rumor had it that Ive wanted to move back to his native England so that his twin boys could receive a proper British education. While Ive was reportedly open to the idea of commuting from England to and from Apple’s Cupertino campus, the bigwigs at Apple indicated that Ive would not be able to continue on in his role at Apple from abroad.

In a interesting and in-depth profile on Ive in the Daily Mail, the report relays the following tidbit:

Speculation that Ive would leave Apple to return to the UK is also false, says a former colleague: ā€˜Iā€™m not sure there is any truth he wants to come back. My last conversations with him were that he was planning to sell his house in the UK.ā€™



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