Apple considering forking over more cash to secure touch panels for the iPhone and iPad

Wed, Mar 23, 2011


Though Japaneese component suppliers for devices like Apple’s iPad have indicated that they have enough supplies on hand to last a few weeks, Apple is exploring the possibility of paying a little extra money to secure what may soon become limited supply of component parts in the wake of the Japan earthquake and Tsnuanmi.

Digitimes reports that Apple is specifically concerned with shoring up supply of touch panels and that the notoriously stingy Apple is willing to consider a higher sales priceĀ in order to secure a “sufficient supply” of touch panels for use on the iPhone and iPad.

The report notes that the move would have a negligible affect on Apple’s bottom line and that a price hike would be a “great help” to Apple’s overseas partners. At the same time, such a move would also increase pressure onĀ Apple’s competitors to ante up for their own touchscreen panels.

Apple reportedly plans to build 40 million iPads in 2011 and has thus far contracted out 60% of the entire global touch panel capacity.



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