Apple granted EU patents on 24 iOS icon designs

Thu, Mar 24, 2011


Patently Apple reports that the EU recently granted Apple patents for 24 iOS icon designs. The granted patents include icon designs for apps including calculator, iBooks, Keynote, Numbers, World CLock, Maps + Compass, iPod, Notes, Contacts, Voice Memos, Photos, MobileMe, YouTube, Settings, Weather, Stocks, AirPrint, Find My iPhone, and more.

The patent application was originally filed in September 2010 and also encapsulates designs pertaining to the reflective nature of icons in the iPad dock (wherein the reflection also describes the function of said icon/app).

If you’re used to using iOS devices, or even OS X, it’s clear that Apple devotes an inordinate amount of detail to icon design. It’s sometimes easy to forget this but upon using Windows or any other mobile OS, one can truly appreciate the amount of work Apple puts into something as innocuous as an icon for a calculator app.

Check out the full scoop here.



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