iPad 2 glass is thinner, yet much stronger than the iPad 1 glass

Thu, Mar 24, 2011


The iPad 2 is noticeably thinner and lighter than the original iPad, and impressively, also thinner than the iPhone 4. Apple was able to slenderize the iPad 2 because its glass display is 27% thinner than the one used on the original. This however doesn’t translate into more broken screens as the iPad 2 glass display is crafted out of a more flexible material. In fact, the glass is rumored to feature Asahi Glass Co.’s “Dragontrail Glass” technology which is similar to Corning’s Gorilla Glass. If you recall, Asahi is based out of Japan and it’s throughput has been affected by the Japan disasters.

In the video below, we see just how flexible the iPad 2 glass is compared to the glass used on the original iPad. It’s just a shame, though, that the soundtrack to the video is a bad cover of a great song, Sublime’s “Boss DJ”.


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