Miniot’s wooden Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is awesome

Fri, Mar 25, 2011


Check out this wood emblazoned iPad 2 cover from Holland-based Miniot, a company that, from the looks of their website, specializes in all things wood.

The new cover from Miniot is carved from a single piece of certified wood, is clearly a twist on and functions exactly like Apple’s own Smart Cover. It fits flush over the iPad 2, and much like Apple’s Smart Cover, it comes with a ton of magnets that keep it firmly attached to the iPad. Open it and the iPad wakes up and so on and so forth. One difference is that this iPad 2 cover doesn’t fold up like Apple’s offering but rather rolls up into a cylinder which gives users 3 ways in which to position their device.

The cover is available for shipping on March 25 and costs 50 euro ($69).

via miniot



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  1. Mexian Says:

    Do you think the cylindrical shape of the Miniot when it rolls up will affect stability when you use it to prop up the iPad at a typing angle?

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