2-year old uses an iPad with ease [Video]

Sat, Mar 26, 2011


From the original Mac to the iPhone, Apple has exhibited unparalleled expertise in creating user interface designs that are not only easy to use but unbelievably intuitive. ┬áNothing personifies Apple’s success in this regard more than the iPad, a device used with equal enthusiasm by engineers, pilots, doctors, and yes, even babies.

In the video below we see a two year old named Bridger using an iPad with ease. Moreover, Bridger’s dad Mike explains, “his speech, understanding, word recognition, and even hand eye coordination have improved within just a short while.”

Another video of a toddler using Apple’s iPad after the break.

Just imagine an Android interface so simple a child could pick it up and start toying around with it productively.

via 9to5Mac



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