Huge lines for the new iPad at Regent Street Apple store as UK runs dry of iPad 2 units

Mon, Mar 28, 2011


Wow. The line that formed for the iPad 2 launch outside of the Apple Store on Regent Street in London this past Friday was insane. It should therefore come as no surprise that iPad 2 supply in the UK was depleted in less than 24 hours.

Apple retail stores on Regent Street and Covent Garden, in addition to stores in Brimingham, Manchester and Bristol were completely out of units last we heard. Some Apple stores may receive new iPad 2 shipments this Monday, but we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. Meanwhile, Pocket-Lint reports that even Cancom, a large Apple reseller in Scotland, England, and Wales, is completely out of iPad 2 units. With lines this long and demand for the iPad 2 unbelievably strong, running short on supply is a problem most other companies wish they had to deal with.


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