Analysts weigh in on Q2 iPad sales

Tue, Mar 29, 2011


Apple thus far has been tight lipped with respect to iPad 2 sales, but if long lines and supply shortages more than 2 weeks after launch is any indication, the iPad 2 is a monster. Apple sold 1 million units of the original iPad in 28 days and analysts estimate that Apple may have topped that figure in the first weekend it went on sale.
Apple’s rousing iPad 2 success, however, is not solely confined to the US. Since going on sale internationally last week, iPad sales abroad have been equally impressive with UK stores selling out of their entire supply in just 24 hours.
So just how many iPads has Apple sold? We’ll probably have to wait until Apple’s earnings conference call but that’s not gonna stop analysts from coming up with their own estimates.
Philip Elmer-DeWitt at the Apple 2.0 blog yesterday compiled a list of analyst estimates for iPad 2 sales during the current quarter. The average checks in at 6.26 million while the highest estimate is 8.8 million. The low end estimate checks in at 5 million.


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