Apple to disclose Q2 2011 earnings on April 20

Tue, Mar 29, 2011

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It’s not nearly as exciting as Wedding season, but earnings season is upon us. Then again, if you’re an Apple investor who’s watched your Apple stock explode in value over the past few years, maybe its even more exciting.

Apple today announced that it will release its earnings from its second fiscal quarter of 2012 on Wednesday, April 20 and will hold an accompanying earnings conference call on that same day starting at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.

With Apple still playing coy about iPad 2 sales, we only have to wait about 3 more weeks before we find out just how successful the iPad 2 launch really went. One thing’s for sure, though – with iPads still in short supply and lines commonplace at Apple Stores around the globe, the iPad 2 undoubtedly did gangbusters and easily eclipsed comparative sales of the original iPad when it launched last April.

Analyst estimates for iPad sales during the current quarter range from 5 million on the low end to 8.8 million on the high end.


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