Google hits homerun with Gmail Motion April Fools Day goof

Sun, Apr 3, 2011


We gotta hand it to em’. The folks at Google have a great sense of humor. In their annual April Fools Day goof, the engineers at Google unveiled Google Motion, a new email feature that lets users interact with their email without using “outdated technologies like the keyboard and mouse.”

The video is well produced and the gestures showcased are hilarious.

To reply, point backward with thumb

To reply all, use both hands.

They also make good use of third party opinion through a fake interview with Dennis Tooley, a “Ph.D.” from the California Center for Kinesics and Paralanguage who really sounds like the talking head he’s trying to portray.

You can also download a hilarious chart of gmail motion actions here and check out some more hilarious gestures from Gmail Motion as applied to Google Docs here.

How great would it be if Apple did something like this?


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