Onion iPad app now available as free download

Mon, Apr 4, 2011


The Onion touts itself as “America’s finest news source” and we’d have to agree, tongue in cheek of course. We’ve been Onion fans for years and everybody’s favorite jokesters recently released a dedicated Onion app for the iPad, on April Fools Day no less.

But this is no joke. What better way to catch up on all the fake news of the day than with an iPad optimized version of┬áthe spoof paper that will leave you in stitches. The features are what you’d expect from a tablet based newspaper: read stories in both portrait and landscape mode, in-app videos, and of course, some social sharing options as well.

This isn’t the first Onion-esque offering to hit iTunes as there is already an Onion iPhone app and an Onion News Network podcast that we highly recommend. After all, where else can you listen to a news report titled, “Clean Shaven Man Ready To Win Back Girlfriend.”

If you’re not too familiar with the Onion, here are some Apple-related spoofs they’ve done that should turn you into a fan rather quickly. This video below is about the advent of an Apple Friend bar.

And here you can find a revolutionary new Apple laptop with no keyboard and an article about a new invisible iPhone over here.


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