The Apple fanboy can laugh at him/herself

Mon, Apr 4, 2011


For as much flack as Apple fans, or even fanboys, get on a routine basis from folks accusing them of praying at the altar that is Jobs, there’s no denying that most Apple aficionados don’t take themselves too seriously and are more than capable of laughing at themselves when their sometimes irrational love of Apple is brought to the forefront.

In that vein, this sarcastic comment from a Slashdot comment thread is particularly funny and was made in the context of Apple’s ongoing patent war with Nokia.

The comment reads,

“Apple clearly invented everything and Nokia didn’t. Apple has existed since the 50’s when they signed the Beetles [sic] then became a computer company in the 70’s once John left the band. Nokia didn’t start to exist until they invented Snake in the early 90’s and coasted on that fame up until snake 2 and diminishing returns on their Snake based empire. I’m glad that lawyers exist to punish companies that aren’t Apple for stealing from Apple.”

Now that’s funny. And yes, Snake was the bomb back in the day.


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