Stephen Colbert temporarily excited about his iPad 2, wants an iPad 3

Tue, Apr 5, 2011


This isn’t the funniest we’ve seen of Colbert, but it’s still worth a showing. In the clip below the typically hilarious Colbert decides that he’s done talking about all the problems in the world and instead wants to focus on happy things, you know, like his brand new iPad 2 with a smartcover.

We can’t confirm if Colbert is a legit Apple fan, but the evidence sure is pointing that way. Back in January 2010, Colbert appeared at the Grammy’s where he brandished the original iPad months before the device even went on sale. Colbert even took a jab at Jay Z for not having the latest tech from Apple. Sadly, Hova never responded with a diss track of his own.

This past June, Colbert had a bit on The Colbert Report where he addresses a WSJ article talking about how new suits are being made with pockets big enough to accommodate the iPad. Colbert hilariously explains that large iPad-suitable pockets were his idea all around.


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