Verizon iPhone owners experience fewer dropped calls; slightly more satisfied as well

Tue, Apr 5, 2011


A new ChangeWave survey released today shows that iPhone 4 customers on AT&T are more than twice as likely to experience a dropped call than iPhone 4 customers on Verizon. Over the course of 90 days, 4.8% of AT&T iPhone 4 owners reported experiencing a dropped call compared to 1.8% of Verizon owners.

“Verizon is still in the very early stages of its iPhone 4 offering to consumers,” ChangeWave said in its report. “It remains to be seen how well the Verizon network performs as the number of Verizon iPhone 4 owners ramps up and inevitably puts more pressure on their system.”

Verizon’s network is largely considered to be more reliable than AT&T’s, both in terms of call quality and its ability to maintain a connection. AT&T’s 3G network, however, has been shown to be significantly faster when it comes to downloading and uploading data.

These differences in network experience, however, don’t appear to have an affect on iPhone customer satisfaction. 82% of Verizon iPhone customers indicated that they were “very satisfied” with the iPhone while 80% of AT&T iPhone customers indicated the same. Delving further, 16% of Verizon customers described themselves as “somewhat satisfied” with the iPhone compared to 18% of AT&T customers. All told, 98% of all respondents indicated that they were satisfied to some degree with the iPhone.

Regarding future network choices, 46% of respondents indicated that they’re likely to pick Verizon compared to 27% of those polled who indicated they’d choose AT&T. 27% of respondents indicated that they were unsure what network they’d pick in the future.


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