Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt garner high CEO approval ratings, Steve Ballmer and Carol Bartz not so much

Wed, Apr 6, 2011


An anonymous survey taken by recently compared CEO approval ratings in 2011 against approval ratings from 2010.

In first place is former Google CEO Eric Schmidt who recently stepped down and ceded control to Google co-founder Larry Page. Schmidt checked in with a 96% approval rating compared to his 93% approval rating last year. Not a bad way to go out, really.

In second place is Apple CEO Steve Jobs who took a slight hit from his impressive 98% approval rating last year and dipped down to 95%. Of course, note that Jobs has been on a temporary leave of absence from Apple since January, with the day to day duties falling in the hands of the ever so reliable COO Tim Cook.

As for the rest of the list, Jeff Bezos from the always formidable Amazon took a dive from his 87% approval rating last year to 83% in 2011. Meanwhile, Steve Ballmer just can’t catch a break as the Microsoft CEO saw his approval rating drop from 46% in 2010 to a lackluster 40% in 2011. Percentage wise, the biggest drop was from Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz whose approval rating plummeted from 77% to 50% in just one year’s time.

The voting is of course non-scientific and naturally open to the problem of self selection. But the question asked to participating employees is simply, “Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?”

If you wanna go way back in time to 2008, you can view Glassdoor’s CEO approval rating list from 2008 over here.

More interestingly, you can view anonymous snippets about what it’s liketo work for Apple on Glassdoors website, though as you might guess, many of the entries are from Apple retail staff as opposed to engineers working deep inside the matrix that is Apple.

Lastly, the site mentions that Apple was voted as being one of the best places to work for LGBT Equality by the Human Rights Campaign in 2010. To that end, Apple made some waves a few weeks ago when it removed a “Gay Cure” app that promisedto “cure” those “afflicted” with homosexuality from the iTunes App Store.

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