Apple’s acquisition of worldwide touchscreen supply delayed RIM’s PlayBook for a month

Thu, Apr 7, 2011


On April 19th, RIM will finally release its PlayBook tablet after months of hype and hyperbolic statements from company executives. Priced at $499 to compete with the iPad, the PlayBook will sport a 7-inch screen and will feature a UI based on QNX software. Notably, the PlayBook will run Android apps from within an emulator, which of course, sends a confusing message to developers. Should they code for the PlayBook or Android? Hell, why not Android and kill two birds with one stone?

In any event, the RIM PlayBook is hitting stores a month later than originally planned thanks to Apple’s voracious appetite for touchscreens. Digitimes reports that the PlayBook launch was pushed back not only due to longer than expected software testing, but because they were having trouble fielding touch panels “because Apple already booked up most of the available capacity.”

In Januray, remember, Apple COO Tim Cook mentioned that Apple had entered into long term supply contracts worth $3.9 billion. It’s┬ábelieved that that these contracts were to secure unfettered access to LCD displays. Just one month later came a reportt that 60% of the world’s touch panel displays in 2011 were going to Apple.


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