Audio device from Apple experiencing manufacturing problems – Report

Fri, Apr 15, 2011


The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple Supplier Cirrus Logic is experiencing manufacturing problems with an undentified audio device for Apple. Natrually, which device was affected remains unknown.

But Cirrus late Thursday said it had determined an earlier test for a particular function of a new audio product–which analysts assume is for Apple–was insufficient to guarantee that all products met a certain standard. After a more rigorous test was developed, Cirrus found fewer working chips than previously expected, with that yield loss rising as volumes increased.

Cirrus has reportedly already fixed the issue, though the holdup will affect their bottom line by 6 cents a share. It’s also unclear if the issue will significantly delay the launch of new iOS products or if this, perhaps, is the reason behind the iPhone 5 delay.

Cirru Logic CEO Jason Rhode explained, “The semiconductor industry is inherently an extraordinarily complicated business, and while we strive at all times to have zero issues, from time to time, and despite everyone’s best efforts, ‘stuff happens.’”


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