White iPhone 4 shows up in Verizon inventory; Launch just 2 weeks away

Sat, Apr 16, 2011


After a 10-month long delay, the white iPhone will reportedly hit store shelves in late April. The elusive white iPhone, much like the white tiger, has been spotted in the wild by few but is hardly populous. While it remains unclear, with any degree of certainty, exactly why the white iPhone 4 was subject to such a long delay, it’s largely believed that the delay was the result of color matching issues along with photography problems on account of too much light seeping into the device. More recently, it’s been rumored that the white paint on the iPhone 4 had a tendency to melt under heat – which is of course an invitation to litigation city.

Citing people familiar with Apple’s plans, Bloomberg was first to tip us off that the white iPhone 4 is just a few weeks away. Previously, Apple’s Phil Schiller tweeted that the device would be available this spring.

And now, not too surprisingly, the white iPhone 4 has started showing up on Verizon’s inventory.

9to5Mac reports:

The models popped up in the inventory today, leading us to believe the late April launch information is true. The screenshot (32 GB) [below does] not specifically state the new models are white but based on the numbering system and information from sources the models are for the white iPhone 4. As you can see in the screenshots, the white version of the iPhone 4 carriers a number sequence that is one larger than the black model. The white iPhone 4 is MC679 and the black model is MC678. Same thing with the black and white iPad 2s.

And so while we’ll in all likelihood not see a iPhone 5 this Summer, at least we’ll have a white iPhone 4 to bide our time with, right? Hey, gotta play the hand you’re dealt 😉


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