Foursquare executives stop by Apple headquarters

Thu, Apr 21, 2011

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Though there isn’t much information out there about what features iOS 5 will bring to the table, there have been rumblings that iOS 5 will be a major update with a particular focus on location-based features. Specifically, it’s been rumored that iOS 5 will incorporate check-in functionality along with the ability for friends to locate other friends – a godsend for anyone trying to find a group at a concert or sports arena, or even in a big city when no landmarks happen to be close-by. The latter feature, rumor has it, will be dubbed “find my friends.”

With that in mind, there were some special visitors to Apple’s campus this past Wednesday.

Who, you ask?

Well none other than Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley, Foursquare PR manager Erin Gleason, and Holger Luedorf, Foursquare’s VP of Business Development and Partnerships. Foursquare, of course, is an increasingly popular social networking service that allows friends to “check-in” at various locations and subsequently awards users points and “badges” based on various criteria. As of February 2011, the service had over 7 million registered users.

So what exactly were these higher-ups from Foursquare doing at Apple this week? Who’s to say. Perhaps they were helping Apple out with their own location based service. Perhaps there’s some sort of Foursquare integration with iOS 5 on the horizon. Perhaps Apple is interested in acquiring Foursquare.

It really could be anything, but with three upper level Foursquare executives stopping by 1 Infinite Loop, sounds like something big could be brewing underneath the surface. Of course, for a company as notoriously secretive as Apple, it must be a little frustrating dealing with a company like Foursquare whose employees just can’t help themselves from checking-in to Apple’s Cupertino campus and letting the world know what Apple is up to, sort of.

I mean, I guess we know it was Burrito day in the Apple cafeteria.

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  1. MacToTheFuture Says:

    I would really be in favor of a purchase by Apple of Foursquare. We already “check in” using iPads, iPhones, and iPods lets complete the circle and make this an Apple-branded app.

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