New MacBook Airs with Thunderbolt technology poised for mass production next month

Fri, Apr 22, 2011

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While it was initially unclear if Apple was planning to keep Thunderbolt a technology exclusive to its MacBook Pro line, it’s become abundantly clear that all of Apple’s hardware will be privy to the Thunderbolt treatment.

First were reports that revamped iMacs would be coming with Apple and Intel’s jointly developed transfer technology, and now analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes that Apple is also planning to refresh its MacBook Air line with Thunderbolt ports as well. Apple during the past quarter recorded 3.76 million units in Mac sales, in large part due to refreshed MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

The new MacBook Airs will reportedly begin manufacturing sometime in late May and should help Apple maintain what are already strong sales on its sleek line of notebooks. Also on deck for the MacBook Air refresh is adoption of Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. This should also help make the Air an even more attractive proposition as the current Air models still sport Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Kuo, as of late, has demonstrated a near spotless track record with respect to Apple rumors. His predictions regarding the iPad 2 were exceptionally specific and all turned out to be accurate. Moreover, Kuo also accurately disclosed Apple’s plans to release an 11.6 inch MacBook Air a few months before they hit the market. More recently, Kuo wrote that the iPhone 5 is set for production late this Summer and should be available for purchase this September, complete with an A5 chip and a rumored 8 megapixel camera. And on that note, yesterday we noted that Apple had reportedly sent out iPhone 4’s running A5 chips to select game developers in an effort to familiarize them with the added computational power that the iPhone 5 will bring to the table.

via AppleInsider



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