Apple testing the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile – Rumor

Tue, Apr 26, 2011

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AT&T in late March purchased T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom in a deal worth $39 billion. Now we don’t wanna go ahead and jump to conclusions, but with AT&T the exclusive iPhone carrier for years before Verizon came around, it was only natural for some to speculate that the iPhone would be coming to T-Mobile sometime soon.

And, lo and behold, BGR this past weekend, thanks to the Boy Genius Jonathan Geller himself, was able to procure spy shots of a white iPhone that appears to be running on T-Mobile’s US 3G network.

Note that the iPhone in question is internal model N94. This is telling, maybe, because the internal model for the iPhone 4 GSM was N90 (which you might remember from the whole Gizmodo/iPhone fiasco) while the model number for the CDMA iPhone 4 was N92. So could we be looking at the iPhone 5?

Nah, not likely at all. For starters, there’s no larger screen to be had, and second, Apple has reportedly not even begun ordering component parts for the iPhone 5. Still, the iPhone 4 coming to T-Mobile is a huge piece of news for those T-Mobilers who aren’t of the jailbreaking variety. Of course, if this comes to be, that would leave Sprint as the sole carrier in the US without the iPhone under their stable.

You’ll also note that the device is running test such as Radar and Apple’s employee directory app. Also evident is a lock screen similar to what one finds on Android.


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