Apple’s purchase of confirmed

Fri, Apr 29, 2011


By Sarah Petit:

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Apple had paid a hefty $4.6 million to acquire the domain. While Apple has much to learn about worthwhile cloud-based services, the amount they reportedly paid for the domain perhaps indicates that they will, in fact, start offering compelling services from the cloud.

Of course, the scuttlebutt these days is that Apple is planning to offer a digital music locker, so to speak, that will enable users to store and stream purchased content from iTunes directly to their iOS device. The latest is that Apple has already secured licensing deals for such a service from 2 of the top four record labels over the past two months, with Apple scurrying to finalize deals with the final two as quickly as possible. “They’ve been very aggressive and thoughtful about it,” one industry executive previously noted. “It feels like they want to go pretty soon.”

In any event, All Things D is now confirming that Apple did, in fact, acquire the domain name from the Swedish-based Xcerion company. Note that now redirects to All Things D, however, was unable to confirm if the rumored selling price was accurate.

Either way, this Fall should prove to be quite exciting. A major iOS update, a new iPhone model, and perhaps, just maybe, a compelling cloud-based service from Apple.


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