Prostitute steals $2800 MacBook Pro after John refuses to pay $200

Fri, Apr 29, 2011


A pink suit case. A prostitute. And a MacBook Pro.

Not a string of words you often see together, which is why this particularly story is especially interesting, if not downright absurd.

This past Sunday, Sauceray Boyd and Kandalaria Freeman (21 and 19 respectively) were both arrested for stealing a $2800 MacBook Pro – the price of which will come into play shortly.

According to police reports, Freeman made off with a MacBook Pro from a motel room in Glendale, California where it was subsequently found in her pink suitcase.

But this wasn’t your typical theft.

You see, Freeman is a prostitute and the MacBook Pro belonged to one of her clients. When said client “angrily refused” to pay $200 for services rendered, Freeman decided to make of with the client’s laptop instead. Freeman and her partner in crime, Boyd, were later apprehended at the Glendale Amtrak train station by police who found the duo after getting a tip from a motel worker.

Freeman told the cops that she needed the $200 to get back to San Diego, where she also works as a dancer.

Wow. What a colorful assortment of characters. A crafty prostitute. A cheap John (who can spring for a top of the line MacBook Pro). And a motel worker who snitches on prostitutes. Sounds like a bad episode of Prison Break.

In any event, a report from the Glendale News relays that the motel in question is quite the hotbed of seedy activity, with parolees and gang members frequently using the premises to cavort around with prostitutes looking to give a lil something back to the community.

“At the same motel last week,” the report says, “officers arrested a couple who allegedly possessed more than 200 blank credit cards and fraudulent credit paperwork for celebrities like Tommy Lee Jones and Tim Burton.”

Fascinating stuff all around

A few questions, though.

Not only did a man who can afford a top of the line MacBook Pro refuse to fork over $200, he “angrily refused” to do so. What gives? Was he broke after making such an expensive purchase? Was there a reason he was so angry? Did Freeman not live up to his expectations? If Freeman needed $200 to get back to San Diego, why was she found at the train station with laptop in tow? Did she have more cash than she let on?

So many questions, so little time.

via Glendale News



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