Will “Find my Mac” be a new feature in OS X Lion?

Mon, May 2, 2011


With WWDC just about a month away, the feature set of OS X Lion is starting to crystallize. One feature which has received scant attention, particularly because the evidence is so well hidden, is the possible inclusion of a “Find my Mac” feature – akin to the Find my iPhone feature that used to exclusively be a part of MobileMe and was subsequently offered as a free feature when iOS 4.2 was released in November, 2010.

9to5Mac first uncovered data strings hinting at such a feature in late February, and just this past weekend they uncovered the icon pictured above which is eerily reminiscent of the Find my iPhone icon.

Additionally, there is something called Find my Mac messenger. We’re not too sure what this is, but we speculate that it might be a way for the Mac’s finder to instant message with the Mac’s owner. Apple is set to unveil a revamped MobileMe, so it’s possible that Apple will throw some instant messenger client for Find my Mac into the new web interface.

Though the feature may, in fact, be a part of Apple’s expected MobileMe revamp, we would venture to say that Apple wouldn’t make the feature free for iOS devices and a for-charge service for notebook owners.

All will be revealed once WWDC kicks off on June 6 at the Moscone Center in San Franciscso, where you’ve probably heard that Apple won’t be introducing a new iPhone model. Sorry folks, you’ll have to wait until the Fall for that.

And for you’re reading pleasure, here’s an incredible story of a dude using the “Find my iPhone” feature to track down his missing iPhone. It’s a fun and quite exciting read.


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