Steve Jobs photographed walking into Apple headquarters

Tue, May 3, 2011


Though Steve Jobs remains on a medical leave of absence from Apple, the Apple CEO is reportedly still heavily involved in the strategic direction of the company and continues to work on initiatives both from his Palo Alto home and from his office in Cupertino.

For a while, Jobs was largely out of the spotlight following his decision to take an indefinite leave of absence from Apple. But over the past few weeks, Jobs has slowly but surely eased back into the spotlight. Jobs was true to form when he introduced the iPad 2 a few weeks back, and he recently conducted a phone interview with All Things D to discuss the over-hyped controversy regarding the alleged tracking code in iOS 4.

In that vein, this photo from April 25th shows the stalwart Apple leader walking into Apple headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop. The photo was taken by Apple “tourists”, so to speak, who asked the Apple CEO for a picture. Jobs replied that he couldn’t and that he had people waiting for him in a meeting.”

Which, of course, may very well be true, but Jobs notoriously refuses to take posed photos with people so meeting or not, don’t expect to get Jobs to stop, smile, and say cheese with anyone anytime soon.

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