Users can opt for Magic Trackpad instead of Magic Mouse with new iMacs

Tue, May 3, 2011


You might have missed this amidst the new iMac announcements today, but one interesting thing to note is that users have the ability to order an iMac with Apple’s Magic Trackpad instead of Apple’s Magic Mouse. The press release reads in part:

iMac comes with a wireless keyboard and either a Magic Mouse or a Magic Trackpad – your choice. With Magic Mouse, you get a mouse unlike any other. Its smooth, seamless design lets you control everything with simple gestures. But if you’re all gestures all the time, then opt for Magic Trackpad. Its touch-friendly all-glass surface gives you plenty of room to scroll, swipe, pinch, and rotate to your fingers’ content. When you purchase your new iMac from the Apple Online Store, you have the option to replace the included Magic Mouse with the Magic Trackpad at no extra cost.

Apple’s Magic Trackpad was first released this past July and sells for $69. Notably, the trackpad has a huge surface area and can work from up to 33 feet away. User’s can still opt for the Magic Mouse and pick up the trackpad if they’re willing to fork over that extra $69.



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