Awesome concept video for iOS notifications – Apple, take note!

Thu, May 5, 2011


One of the glaring shortcomings of iOS is in how it handles notifications. Sure, Apple’s implementation is workable, but it’s not exactly the most fluid and under the radar approach. Even the notification system on the Palm Pre way back in the day had more sheen and was more intuitive than Apple’s.

Apple, however, hasn’t completely forgotten about notifications. Rumor has it that Apple is working hard to spruce up iOS notifications, and with iOS 5 set to preview to the masses at WWDC in early June, we can only hope that Apple will have something enticing to show us.

In the meantime, there’s no shortage of concept videos out there portraying interesting notification schemes Apple could implement. One particularly intriguing concept comes from Swedish designer Andreas Hellqvist who was frustrated with the obtrusive and disjointed setup Apple currently employs.

The solution is brilliantly laid out in the video below.

By aggregating all system-wide notifications into one app. Hellqvists’s approach streamlines the entire process of checking for notifications. This is even more important in the “app age” where users can often have pages and pages of apps. The concept above is sleek, and more than that, intuitive in a way that one would think it came from Apple.

Hopefully, the folks in Cupertino are busy working on an revamped notifications system or are bobbing along the Apple blogosphere.


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