Samsung was Apple’s chief supplier of 9.7-inch LCD screens for the iPad last quarter

Mon, May 9, 2011


You know you’re working in a funny industry when one of your biggest clients is also the same company trying to sue the pants of you. Such is the case with Samsung and Apple. A few weeks ago, Apple sued Samsung claiming that its lineup of Galaxy smartphones and tablets slavishly copy the look and feel of Apple’s iOS. As expected, Samsung in turn sued Apple claiming that its products infringed on 10 Samsung patents.

All the while, Apple in total contributed nearly $6 billion worth of business to Samsung in 2010. Part of that total came from 9.7-inch LCD panels Apple purchased from the South Korean based company. Now Digitimes is reporting that Samsung is now Apple’s top supplier of iPad panels, having beat out LG who shipped 3.2 million iPad panels during the first quarter of 2011.

Now this isn’t because Apple lackadaisically decided to do more business with Samsung, but rather because LCD panels from LG during the quarter experienced light leakage problems that forced the company to reduce its overall shipments. LG has reportedly fixed the source of the problem and expects to resume normal shipment levels to Apple during the third quarter.

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