Before New Balance, Steve Jobs wore Adidas

Wed, May 11, 2011

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It’s almost become a running joke. If you see Steve Jobs, you can bet your bottom dollar he’s wearing Levis, a black turtleneck, and of course, his patented New Balance sneakers. Indeed, it’s hardly a surprise that this is the style MicGadget styled their Steve Jobs action figure after. Of course, Apple ended up taking legal action against the company and banning them from selling the action figure altogether, but that’s another story.

Jobs, however, wasn’t always partial to the aforementioned attire. Indeed, way before New Balance became his sneaker of choice, Jobs could be seen around town wearing Adidas kicks, sans the socks, and if you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse, riding on his BMW motorcycle.

We’ve covered Jobs’ motorcycle riding ways before, but in the photos we gleaned from the pertinent 1982 issue of National Geographic (where the photo below is from), Jobs was wearing boots and pulling off his best Che Guevara impression.

But this was no photo stunt.

In 2010 ABC did a profile on Jobs which included old footage of Jobs cruising down an anonymous road on his BWM motorcycle.

We grabbed some screenshots from the broadcast and, lo and behold, there was Jobs wearing shoes that would make any Run D.M.C fan proud. Some old school Adidas with no socks.

First, a wide angle shot.

And now for the closeup you’ve all been waiting for with baited breath.

Jobs of course eventually traded in his BMW motorcycle for a Mercedes and his Adidas for New Balances. Which of course may help explain why Jobs and Adidas butted heads over iAds, a dispute which subsequently caused the German-based Adidas to completely drop their iAd campaign because they claimed Jobs was being too much of a control freak.


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  1. Some Guy Says:

    “Che Guevara impression.”

    Steve may have his faults, but comparing him to a mass murderer is more than slightly offensive. Shame on you.

  2. sisi Says:

    i love the shoesss……..


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