Guitar Center and Apple join forces to teach users how to use GarageBand on a Mac

Wed, May 11, 2011


While competitors like to compete with Apple on price, Apple prides itself on offering an unparalleled user experience. Part of that offering includes Apple’s iLife suit of software. One of the more recent additions to that software set is GarageBand, which was first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2004.

GarageBand is certainly a powerful application, but it may not be the most intuitive of programs compared to apps like iMovie and iPhoto – especially when it comes to harnessing its full potential. That said, Apple and Guitar Center started a new initiative this past Saturday where users can come in and take workshops and learn how to use a Mac running GarageBand to create and record music.

“Even if you don’t know an insert from an input, modern technology makes it easy to produce great-sounding recordings at home. Guitar Center’s free Recording Made Easy workshops will show you how,” Guitar Center writes on its website. “Come in and learn how to record your first song using Mac and GarageBand at a Guitar Center location near you. You’ll learn everything from basic tracking to creating a finished song.”

Impressively, the aforementioned workshops will take place in each of Guitar Center’s 216 nationwide locations. The workshops will go through a four week rotation with the first class, which took place this past Saturday, called “Signal Flow and Microphone Techniques.” Other classes include Virtual Instruments and Loops, Effects, and Mixing and Publishing.

Apple over the years has certainly tried to make GarageBand a more immersive experience, such as when it introduced celebrity music lessons back in GarageBand ’09. The last update to GarageBand came in October when Apple introduced iLife ’11

Notably, clicking the register link on Guitar Center’s website redirects to Apple’s Seminars & Events page.



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