Study finds most business professionals choose the iPhone over Android

Fri, May 13, 2011


While Android continues to make headway in overall smartphone marketshare, Google’s mobile OS apparently can’t muster up much of a fight amongst business users.

Intermedia is a company with over 320,000 managed Microsoft Exchange accounts,making it the world’s largest Exchange hosting provider. That said, a recent study found that 61% of customers activating ActiveSync based smartphones are iPhone owners while only 17% of activations come from Android devices. As for the other 22% of new activations, most of those originate on Windows based phones with the rest coming from either Symbian and Palm devices.

Measuring its data only in April, Intermedia found that the percentage of Android activations climbed to 33%. Apple, though, still maintained its lead and increased its share with 64% of new activations coming from iPhone users. Clearly, Android growth is coming at the expense of everybody except Apple.

With respect to tablets, an astonishing 99.8% of all new activations were iPad based. Pulling up the rear, way way in the back was a meager combo of the Samsung Galaxy and the Motorola Xoom.

Interestingly, the study makes a point of noting that the popularity of the iPad is growing at incredible clip. Whereas Intermedia typically sees 300 new iPad activations in any given month, that number jumped to over 900 in March and over 1,200 in April.

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