Apple releases OS X Lion Developer Preview 3

Tue, May 17, 2011


Apple last Friday released a new developer beta of OS X Lion which includes a new boot up animation, new desktop backgrounds, slightly updated Finder toolbars, a Reading List enabled version of Safari, and the addition of a Mission Control app.

Some other changes, courtesy of Itsalltech, include:

– New options in System Preferences>Mission Control
– New Reminders menu in iCal
– New next desktop button in Dashboard space:
– New options when right-clicking (this appears to be buggy at this time):
– Compatibility to external displays has been improved (especially in Mission Control)
– New changes in Mission Control: can add desktops right from Mission Control by clicking + button, close spaces from Mission Control, Mission Control no longer displaying text Desktop 1? etc., when hovering over desktop thumbnails, magnification of thumbnails are seen
– Scrollbars now change color depending on the background (black background=light scrollbar and vice versa):

And now some videos of said changes for your viewing pleasure.

First, the new login screen.

Second, video of Reading List in Safari. Note the gray scrollbars.

And lastly, Safari’s new download manager.



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