Amazon overwhelmed by immense demand after touting $0.99 Lady Gaga album

Mon, May 23, 2011


Earlier today we reported that Amazon was selling Lady Gaga’s latest CD Born This Way for only $0.99. Again, it’s an incredible deal even if you have a slightly more than passing interest in her music. Alas, the Gaga fans have risen from the dead and have flooded Amazon’s servers in the process.

Due to overwhelming demand, interested users are for the time being unable to download the full length CD off of Amazon, prompting Amazon to issue the following statement:

Amazon is experiencing high volume and downloads are delayed. If customers order today, they will get the full Lady Gaga, Born This Way album for $0.99. Thanks for your patience.

While some users have not been able to download anything, some were able to download half of the CD. We’ll wait and see how Amazon rectifies this problem, but this isn’t too promising as to Amazon’s efforts to increase it’s share of digital music downloads which has been stagnant at 10% for quite some time now.

Somewhat comically, the trouble experienced by Amazon can’t be good for Amazon’s new Cloud Player service which it’s been highlighting in conjunction with its recent Lady Gaga promotion.



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