Largan Precision may supply 8 megapixel camera lens for the iPhone 5

Tue, May 24, 2011

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By Luis Estrada:

Digitimes reports that Apple may tap Largan Precision to supply 8 megapixel camera sensors for the iPhone 5.

Taiwan-based Largan Precision currently sees 8-megapixel phone-use lens modules account for nearly 10% of its total lens module shipment volume, but it may see 8-megapixel modules replace 5-megapixel ones to become the mainstream for smartphones in the third quarter of 2011 due to possible orders from Apple, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Largan currently supplies the 5 megapixel sensors Apple now uses on the iPhone 4 and it’s believed that they also supply the sensors used on the iPad 2. Previously there had been reports that Sony was tapped to supply 8 megapixel sensors for the iPhone 5, though there was certainly a cloud of doubt surrounding those reports. Remember that Sony CEO Howard Stringer intimated that Sony would supply the sensors, but it was odd that Stringer would reveal that information so publicly.

In any event, users should be content that the next-gen iPhone will sport a far superior camera lens. Who actually supplies it is really secondary.


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