Apple’s next back-to-school deal may include $200 off an iPad

Tue, May 31, 2011

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Apple isn’t a company typically known for its deals. It sets a price and, by and large, it sticks with it through thick and thin. As a matter of fact, Apple has even been known to include provisions in its contracts with retailers that prevent them from selling Apple products like iPods below a certain price. The intention, here, is to keep Apple gadgets from seeming like cheap “free with purchase!” type of products.

But one group Apple has shown a willingness to help out with a nice deal is students. Over the past few years, Apple has increasingly pushed back to school promotions by rewarding new Mac owners with free iPods. Upping the ante even further, BGR is reporting that Apple will continue its educational discounts this year, albeit with an even more attractive offer.

We have been told Apple will continue to offer educational discounts on computers and either a free iPod touch, or $229 towards the purchase of any other iPod. Our source also let us know that there might be something new in the works, as well… they heard that it’s possible Apple might offer students up to $200 off an iPad with the purchase of a new Mac.

$200 off an iPad? A free iPod Touch?

Oh, to be a student again.

The report notes that Apple may make such an announcement at next week’s WWDC which will get off the ground on June 6 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. As for a keynote speaker, we’re hoping Steve Jobs makes an appearance, but we haven’t heard any rumblings about that just yet.


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