Maps in iOS 5 will still utilize Google’s backend

Wed, Jun 1, 2011


It’s no secret that Apple is working hard to revamp the built-in mapping application in iOS. Not only has Apple acquired a number of map-centric companies such as Placebase, but it’s also put out an increasing number of job postings looking for individuals with mapping software experience.

The end goal for Apple, naturally, is to end to the extent possible its reliance on Google for its mapping application. Apple is notoriously obsessed with using its own technologies whenever possible and minimizing its reliance on third parties. That said, it stands to reason that Apple is working furiously to come up with its own mapping solution but just don’t expect any huge changes in iOS 5.

9to5Google is reporting that while Apple is taking measures to improve the overall mapping experience in iOS 5, Apple is still relying on Google to supply the maps backend.

Apple began the process of distancing themselves from Google when former Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigned over “conflict of interest.” Apple has also added Microsoft’s Bing as a Safari search option and will be competing with Google head-to-head with their upcoming cloud-based music service. Those who enjoy Google Maps should not fear iOS 5, though, and hopefully Apple is working to implement turn-by-turn directions or something else to improve their maps application without changing the backend.



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